My name is Peter McCleave. 41 years old. Husband to Jenny and dad to two boys; Max, 9 and Seb, 6. Ironman tri-athlete, rugby coach and fan of savoury snacks.

I have been given 7 years to live having been diagnosed with an incurable blood cancer; Myeloma.

Myeloma has left my immune system compromised. Stem cells can be used to fix this. Mine don’t work, but yours might. I need someone who is a genetic match to donate some of his or her stem cells, which can be transplanted into my blood.

There are approximately 30 million people on the stem cell register globally. Unfortunately, none are a match for me or thousands of other people like me. In the UK alone, only 2% of the population are signed up to donate stem cells. This is actually great news as it gives so many of us hope that if enough people can be engaged in this campaign, a match is absolutely out there.

It’s simply a numbers game.

I started campaigning in 2018 to get 10,000 people, like you, signed up as potential life savers. Such has been the success of 10,000 Donors, the new target is now 100,000.


I’ve teamed up with award-winning singer songwriter Lee Gordon to produce a song I hope will make it to the Christmas No.1 spot.

The song, The Tide, in part reflects my thwarted ambition to row the Atlantic this Christmas. Doctors banned me from taking part in the epic row. But I’m not giving up, I’m supporting the trio from land. I’m hoping the song, based on my own cancer diary, will make it to No.1 this Christmas, while the rowing boat is still at sea.

This isn’t a ‘pity me’ story, it’s about being proactive and taking control of a situation I find myself in. More than 32,000 registrants have signed up since I launched my campaign – but there aren’t enough donors for everyone who needs one, and people are dying for want of a match. This song will save lives by raising money for the global stem cell register and encouraging people to sign up to donate cells. Everyone has the power to save lives by registering.

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